10 traditions to keep your house clean and tidy always


Keeping the home tidy and neat isn’t a task very easy and quick. Tidy and neat homes usually isn’t the product of lone effort. But you can achieve an over the average clean profile in your home by keeping certain traditions and practices as well as encouraging every member of the house to do same. Check these tips for ensuring a clean and healthy home setting.

1. Close all doors always

As you move in and out of the rooms, ensure to keep the doors closed as closed doors create a tidy/unused impression.

2. Empty thrash cans ASAP

Thrash cans/waste bin aren’t only a good habitat for germs, they’re also better at creating a “dirty home” look. Make it a habit to empty them even when not filled up and your home would be as tidy and healthy.

***tip: let every member of the house be involved in the thrash disposal without them feeling it’s a work load. Son is going to the field nearby, hubby is taking a walk or daughter is going to the salon? ‘present’ him/her a cleanly tied bag of bin to throw out on the way.

3. Learn to ‘forgive’

Many homes would be tidier if we learn to let go of packs, boxes, containers and wrappers after we use up their contents. Many wrappers look too beautiful and useful to let go but keeping every tomato tin, shoes boxes and grocery nylon would make the house look like an 18 century grandma’s house. We don’t want that, do we?

4. Clean up after EACH use

Even if we would have to write this on a petite paper and paste it on every household item; cooker, toilet, mirror, sponge, sleepers etc. we wouldn’t have to mind as long as our house exhibits the freshness and crisp we envy in hotels and hospitals. The beginning of this culture is difficult but with time everyone would see it as a normal routine.

5. Everyone responsible for him/herself.

Keeping the home clean and crisp wouldn’t be such a heck if every member of the house folds his/her blankets, make their beds, wash their undies, wash their plates and the list is endless.

Although ‘for every rule, there is an exception’. Some fathers wouldn’t comply and some children are too young to follow this rule but if two or more member of the house complies, a big difference it makes in the workload.

6. Hangers to the rescue!

Very many important items are owned by every member of the house so that it seems there’s not enough space for everyone. Invest in good quality, beautiful hangers of different sizes and purposes. School bags, pyjamas, towels, belts, napkin, even shoes would form less nuisance away from the floor.

7. Display Less!

From the kitchen utensils, children’s toys, books, foodstuffs and what have you, keep them less displayed as a tidy atmosphere would accommodate less items.

If your hangers are responsible for displaying much items, fix the hangers inside the cabinets, cupboards, shelves and wardrobes. Whenever their doors are opened, there’s easy access to every utility. Don’t forget to close the doors after use!

8. Indoor sleepers

Make it a habit to keep your shoes either inside the shoe rack or at the doorstep outside the apartment. If you can’t but wear shoes inside the house, buy a new pair and make them permanent for indoor purposes only.

9. Work on the go!

Dust on the television screen while you’re watching? Wipe it off, it takes less than a minute! A splatter of soup on the kitchen wall? Wipe it clean as you stir the soup. Dirt is easier cleaned when fresh.

10. Dare the white!

“White vests for the kids? No please!”

Say yes to the color white and experience a feeling of purity every corner of your house. I mean white tiles for the kitchen walls and floors, white towels, sleepers, utensils, curtains etc. Whites not only make your home brighter, it can also ensure your house sparkles in neatness. This is because it displays every instant stain so everyone is more careful in handling things and you wouldn’t want to wait until the dirtiness is obvious before you clean up.

Brown cushions, black settees, chocolate doors, blue tiles? Why don’t we dare the holier white? Some homes only need a touch of white to look cleaner and crispier.

Adenike Bushrah Kaffi

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