A letter to my teenager in the future


To my teenage child somewhere in the future….

Dear Child, If you stumbled upon this letter, I am sure NEPA has taken the light and you were so bored that you had to ransack my drawers..

When you came into this world, my life was forever changed. Your father and I knew that we would face a mountain of difficult challenges ahead especially as you grow to become a teenager. Oh well, you have reached that age where you would rather listen to your friends because you think that mummy talks too much or daddy too dey disturb you, so maybe hopefully when you read it in form of a letter, you will be so curious to see what mummy has to write that you will finish reading it before you realize say na advise I dey give (*smiles*)

Life will throw many curveballs at you, timing is almost never perfect, but you have to make the most of it. But here are just a few things mummy wants you to know and keep close to your heart
1. Do not put your trust in NEPA or PHCN or whatever they call it in your days. Make sure you always iron whenever there is light otherwise you will look no different from that man under the bridge. Do not procastinate on that dear.

Now on to more serious advice.

2. Educate yourself. Be pretty but be smart too. Let your gist go way beyond what the latest video game is or what colour of powder and lipstick you use or whether justin bieber is the hottest guy singer. (me I no sabi justin bieber but them say the bobo hot, but that is not the point)

3. Please face your book o and read plenty novels and correct magazines. Dont join the category of ‘gbagaun’ people o. I take God beg you. So you won’t use english like ‘more better’ or ‘coal slur’ or ‘a couple of few days’ please, please read your book oooo! So ti gbo. Ehen.
You kuku hear my posh English so no go disgrace yaself.

4. Rejection will definitely happen. Whether rejected by a girl or boy. Rejected from your job application, but remember its not the end of the world. It does not mean you are not good enough. Its just one of those things…. remember that you will reject people too.

5. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up, you will only get there and start wishing you were younger again. So enjoy your youth

6. Another thing, just be yourself. Run from peer pressure..run as far away as you can. Do not let people influence you, instead you influence them. See Barack Obama…if you do not know him, just google it, and while you are at it, google every great person that ever lived. (That should keep you busy sef)

7. The day you decide to ‘borrow’ my car or daddy’s car be weary of police o. The police is not your friend but abeg respect them. Olorun o ni je ka ri accidental discharge l’agbara Olorun.

8. Be kind to people. Always have a smile on your face. Have fun and hang around people who always make you laugh, but please no dulling, be street smart and don’t take nonsense. Go and ask your grandma, I was the local champion in the hood. (*winks)

9. Always be the good child that I taught you to be. Be respectful and all and don’t think you are too old for me to use that my koboko. I did not kill my parents so o le wa pa mi.

10. Most importantly, Know God. Not church. Rev father. Not Brother Isaac or pastor job. Have a personal relationship with HIM and you will go very far.

I only pray that Naija will change. The world may not necessarily change but the advice still applies.

From your loving mother in the present day Naija.

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