A mother’s beatitude


Blessed is the mother, who receives no love, but does not forget how to show love. Your joy shall remain refreshed all the days of your life.

Blessed is the mother, who is a friend to her children, but does not compromise instilling discipline in them. You shall remain the richest.

Blessed is the mother who hope and pray on bended knees, even when her children stray, great will be your peace.

Blessed is the mother who guides by the path of righteousness, great shall be your joy above.

Blessed is the mother who remains in the lives of her children, even when you had a reason, to start off a new life, career or dreams,You shall remain their guiding stars

Blessed is the mother who knows how to comfort, for she shall possess a child’s devotion.

Blessed is the mother who is never shocked, for she shall receive confidences.

Blessed is the mother who teaches respect, for she shall be respected.

Blessed is the mother who treats her child far more than she expects to be treated,for her home shall be filled with happiness.

Blessed is the mother who gives simple answers to her childrens startling questions, (e.g – where do babies come from) for she shall always be trusted.

Blessed is the mother who has character strong enough to withstand the thoughtless remarks
and resentments of her growing child, for again, in due time, she shall be honored


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    • Hi, if you can see this message let me know. I just saw your comment on the website. I did not block you. Can you not view the page or comment on it anymorw? Please let me know. Thanks

  2. Did you see the message i sent you on FB? Please reply if you did. If you can then it means you were not blocked. Try send a reply or post a comment and check if it appears