A Mother’s to-do list


I know an aunt who would not let her children run around in the house. Her chair was made of fine leather, her side tables are made of glass and she had a beautiful glass standing shelf in the sitting room that had all those little porcelain dolls. Her house was beautiful I must admit. Her children between the ages of 6 years and 4 years were always well behaved at home like Captain Vontrapps home (sounds of music) but the problem is they were constantly in our house. At our house they were free to run around, disorganise the chairs, cut up our cushion with pins and blades, paint our walls with crayons and infact make a complete mess. They had lots of fun in our house. My mum didnt mind (ofcouse she wouldn’t sebi na we dey clean up. lol). She would always say children need an outlet to be children.

My aunty desperately wanted her house to be clean so much that if she wanted her children to play she would send them over to ours. She spent most of her time washing, cleaning, cooking and ironing. She would iron all the clothes even up to the underwear. She said she didn’t need any maid and can’t go through the hassle of getting one as she was sure no one could do the work up to her standard. Unfortunately, she collapsed and died. Apparently she was stressed at work and then she comes home to add more stress.

Dear mothers, the cleanliness of your house is not your legacy, your precious children are. Get rid of that stupid to do list & embrace the “real” to do list of loving your children. Work on patience and kindness every day because they deserve it. You will never be perfect, but you can love them with such a perfect love. You will live longer and your children will grow happier.

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