MumsAloud – “mothers allowed”

MumsAloud is an organisation set up for Mums by Mums. Our vision is to be a village of African Mums showcasing the richness of our cultural diversity.

Wordwide Coverage

Our mission is to be a community of African mothers by connecting women of African heritage globally on one platform, Mumsaloud. To do this we would inspire and encourage mothers to actively engage one another and share experiences that are often common amongst women. Mumsaloud would also offer various socio- cultural products and services to educate society at large about African mothers. These products and services will aim to cover the work-life balance of African women.


1. Mums Entrepreneurship Programme 2. Content Development 3. Information Dissemination within targeted market 4. Market Evaluation- M&E 5. On-ground activations Africa 6. Bespoke Mother/Child project implementation- a. content Development b. Focus groups


Our vision is to be a village of African Mums showcasing the richness of our cultural diversity.


Connecting African heritage on a global platform for mothers and the family unit.

Brand Tagline –

✔ Black represents strength
✔ Pink represents warmth

Our Goals –

Educates – Educate the society about African mothers
Inspires- Inspires mothers to fellowship
Support – Support through activities

How it all started

MumsAloud started off with a few friends who were new to parenting struggling with similar issues and asking real questions like how do i bath a new born?, how do i get enough sleep? why won’t my child stop crying for no reason? We started with black berry group chats so mothers could share ideas with other mums and learn too. As the group grew we expanded from sharing ideas about motherhood to other real issues mothers are faced with around relationships, career, aspirations, coping with the In-laws, hormonal swings, birthday gifts fading away, forgotten anniversary dates and so much more.


It didn’t stop there. We didn’t want to be a group of bitter women who just complained about everything.


There was an eagerness to learn, grow, share ideas and encourage each other. There was a need also to answer the big question – how do we find a balance? How can we combine all our roles without losing ourselves in it. The challenge of keeping a balanced life takes its toll on us and we just seem not to be able to hold it altogether. its not easy at all. How do we still enjoy our space, career, life’s vision while remaining a good mum, great wife, accommodating sister in-law and all the things that this new and varied titles demands. All these questions and more


And then MumsAloud was officially born…..


So if you fit into this vision you are welcome onboard, if you want answers you are welcome, if you don’t fit but can relate you are also welcome, if you are a man and you are thinking “ What are these women up to” you are also welcome.