Acts of kindness for children


My son got the role of friendship monitor in his class. His teacher said it was because he was a kind boy and would go out of his way to be nice to people around him. I thought for a while and I agreed with her. My son is very kind (not that I had anything to do with it). He always had something nice to say. He would tell you your clothes looked good or notice when you have a new hair made. he would tidy up his table after eating without being told. One day in a hurry to take them to school I saw he was standing by the door and just when I was about to scream at him that we would be late, I saw he was holding the door for a neighbour who was coming down the stairs. The elderly man said thank you and I felt proud that day and i said thank you to him too for using his initiative he is 5 by the way. So I looked around and compiled a list of ways a child can show kindness. Acts of kindness are a great way to teach a child empathy and generosity. So here goes..

1. Hold the door open for those behind you.
2. Say good morning to your teacher, principal, school officials and classmates.
3. Offer to let your classmate go first.
4. Offer to help your neighbor’s carry some items.
5. Volunteer to be teach a classmate who is lagging behind or finding a subject difficult.
6. Give someone a compliment at least once every day.
7. Donate your unwanted toys and books to the children in need.
8. Write a thank you note to your teacher or someone who has influenced you in a positive way.
9. Clean up the area around your school, picking up paper and putting it in the bin. You can also help your teacher clean up the classroom.
10. Be extra kind to your bus driver. Say hello when you get on the bus and say thank you when you get off the bus.
11. Help around the house without being asked to do so, such as cleaning your room, taking out the bin or helping with the laundry.
12. Smile. Smiling is easy and happiness is contagious!

So, what do you think? What acts of kindness have your kids done lately? If you have additional examples of random acts of kindness for kids, please share them!

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