Adults get it wrong sometimes..


One day my mum accused me of stealing her money. It was usually me but on this occasion it wasn’t. She left it carelessly on her dressing table but some how someone else got to it. I cried and cried for the pain of being accused wrongly but I guess it was my fault afterall on other days I was never caught. I was that smooth. Later that evening, my mum came to my room and did something she had never done before – she came to beg for my forgiveness. I learnt a hard lesson that day – Adults also get it wrong. And after that apology that was the last time I also stole any money because I felt her pain and my pain.

Recently, I scolded my son for something I thought he did, he waited patiently for me to calm down then walked up to me and said ‘mummy you hurt my feelings and accused me wrongly so you need to apologise’. There and then I remembered my mum and I apologised. Many of us parents have an attitude of ‘I am the parent and therefore I am right’. Even though we never like to admit when we are wrong we need to do it for their sake because they are watching and learning. So, next time you hurt their feelings, even when your intentions were better than your actions, learn not just to say sorry but to ask for forgiveness. Not a simple apology, but a sincere plea for forgiveness. Model being a good parent who gets down from their high horse to their level and admit that you don’t have it all together. Because the truth is that you don’t.

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