Ah!! The famous Proverb 31 woman


Ah!! The famous Proverb 31 woman. Everybody woman wants to be her. Every man wants her for a wife. Even the King solomon who wrote about her, I doubt he had any of them in his list of 700 wives or 300 concubines otherwise he won’t have married so many because just one of her is enough.

Being a proverb 31 wife will only be a dream if she does not have the kind of husband depicted in the story. She was all she could be because her husband gave her the support she needed.

– Her husband trusted her. vs. 11 – Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. He trusted her with the homefront while he was out at the city gate. He gave her the opportunity to run the show while he was making decisions that affected his community. I’m sure he trusted her with money as well to enable her carry out her duties. Not controlling. Not manipulation. TRUST.

– Her husband is well respected by others. vs. 23 – Her husband is well known at the city gates where he sits with the other leaders. The wife was very hardworking, did the chores, handled the books, took care of the household but the husband was not a slacker either. He did not sit down in beer parlor all day. He did not have time to sit down on the internet to chat up strange girls. He was not on the couch playing video games half the time. He sat at the city gate. The place of business power. Sitting at the city gates was not for lazy people. It was for movers and shakers. He was involved with business and work going on in the city.

Her husband praises her: vs. 28 – 29 he said to her “There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!” This bobo knew how to give a compliment mehn!!. “Among them all, you are the cherry on my icecream.” Kai this bobo get sweet mouth. Don’t just compliment her when you are showing off to your friends – Tell her, not at her back, to her face (and be specific too). Dont just say ”you are the best” thats too general. Tell her I love the way you made yesterdays Egusi soup it was fantastic…..

Oga, do you trust your proverb 31 wife? Do you let her run the show without you interferring? Do you believe that she has your best interests in mind? Do you believe that you are on the same team with her? Are you as hardworking as she is? Do you praise her often (not only on valentine o) Always!!

Wives – Do you give your husband the opportunity to trust you? Do you keep the things he tells you in confidence? Do you build him up, or tear him down with your words?

They say behind every successful proverb 31 wife there is a trusting, hardworking and full of praise husband. So the next time you accuse your wife of not being a virtuous woman, make sure you are not found wanting.

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