“Mama!” I responded automatically, jumping down from the bed with my phone in my grasp.

“Who are you talking to!” she queried suspiciously.


“It is that Oyibo boy isn’t it?” she interrupted, waggling a finger at me.

‘Mama!” I hailed her, now recovered from the shock of having her barge into my room. “He is not oyinbo, at least not the way you put it. He is from Nigeria too, he only went there to study”

“What difference does it make?! Do you know his people? Where they live? Do they know you?”


“Mama what?! Amaka I’m warning you about this boy o” Her finger resumed waggling. “That was how you started with Ogbonna, now he has abandoned you with child, for two years since that girl was born, he has refused to come and see her….”

“But mama! Raymond is not like that!”

“Eh ehn? He is not like that ehn? it’s like you have not learnt your lessons but me I have told you my own.  If you have ears, ” she tugged at her ear lobe. “You better listen”

She turned to leave then stopped and turned back around to face me. “Is it not yet time for you to go and pick Ada from school?”

“Mama it’s not yet 3’oclock,” I pouted, offended by her disapproval of my relationship  “now is just 1:30”, I confirmed from my phone screen.

“Oo! If you want continue to chat with that boy when I go!” she commented firmly before turning her back on me and walking towards my door.

She made sure to bang the door loudly after herself.

I rolled my eyes and dropped my back to the bed.

Raymond and I had been chatting constantly ever since he said hello to me on Instagram. What started out as a friendship five Months ago had breeded deep feelings in my heart and it was evident for everyone to see.

I was smiling a lot, constantly pressing buttons on my phone. But my family was skeptical, especially my mother, and she had every reason to be – I was a single mother, living with my two year old daughter under her and my dad’s roof.

My phone chimed in my hand, I lifted it to my face, it was Raymond, trying to make a video call.

“Not a good time” I murmured to myself,  before dropping my hand down on my body.

My mother had just killed my vibe.


“Sis!” My brother called, peering his head through the opening of the kitchen door. “Popsy dey call you”

“What happened?” I asked from the kitchen sink.

He shrugged, indicating he had no idea. “I’m going out!” he informed.

“Okay” I responded, wiping my hands against the apron I was wearing.

My dad was a man of few words, he rarely got involved in the exchanges that went on between our mother and us, so when he called you for a private talk, which I was presuming this was, it usually meant something serious.

So I made my way to the sitting room, uncertain of what this call was for.

He was sitting in his favourite couch, eyes affixed to the television.

“Daddy, you sent for me” I said.

“Ehn yes, I did, sit down” He pointed to the chair.

I moved to the direction of the chair and lowered myself into it. Body sitting up straight, ready to hear what he had to say.



“Your mother says you have a new boyfriend, is this true?”

This was the first time he was asking me about this.

I hesitated before responding, “Yes daddy, I do”

He shifted his eyes from the television to my face. “When are we going to meet him?”

I frowned. “I don’t know daddy”

“What does that mean?”

“He is not here daddy”

“So he is an oyinbo? Like your mother said”

“Not exactly, he is African, he only went there to school”

My father exhaled heavily. “Amaka my child, please be careful. Don’t get too deep into something that may end up destroying you”

“Nothing will destroy me daddy. I and Raymond, we genuinely love each other” I said, shocked at my own words. Love, I hadn’t even told Raymond that yet.

“Be careful, remember your former mistakes and please, let it guide you”

“Okay daddy” I responded, excited to call  Raymond and tell him this new revelation.

I loved him!

“Can I go now?”

“Sure” he nodded “you can”

I jumped from the chair. “Thank you daddy!”

Excitedly, I brisked, almost jumping as I moved back towards the kitchen

I had left my phone sitting on the chair inside the kitchen, so I snatched it, opened my WhatsApp app and eagerly dialed Raymond on video call

He picked almost immediately


“I love you!” I blurted out.

I watched his lips lift into a smile, obviously pleased. “I love you too. And I have good news”

“What?!” I asked, smiling sheepishly.

“I’m coming to Nigeria” he announced. “To see you”

“What??!” I jumped excitedly. “When?!”

“Next two weeks”

“My God!!!” I yelled, covering a hand over my mouth

“I was going to make it a surprise but now just seems like a good time”

“My God Raymond! I am excited” I said, sitting down on the chair to rest my hand on the table. “I cannot wait”

He laughed “I can’t wait either”



I sat anxiously at the airport, waiting for Raymond’s arrival.

So many butterflies in my stomach, I was excited, nervous, impatient!

He had told me when he left and when he was expected to be here so I came based on the time he had given me..



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