Sex as defined by a Man

What’s all the “gragra” for? Said one woman to her husband. After one round now, you would just fall asleep “yakata”. In most households (no empirical data as back up), I am guessing this would be a familiar conversation between spouses. So how does the woman help with dealing with this?

I am going to exclude cases of clinical issues and just gist generally.

    What is sex to a man?

  1. A Cold Coca-Cola drink in the desert
  2.  A pee break at the pub
  3.  Half time during a football game.
  4.  Buying a new pair of socks
  5.  A 25m hurdle race
  6.  A thought (see why we don’t talk about it)
  7.  A sleeping pill
  8.  Climbing a hill quickly (and descending faster)
  9.  Instant noodles (Not wanting to spend time cooking)
  10.  A reward.

Hope you noticed the irony; we treat sex logically and for immediate gratification. That is why sometimes women need to steer this ship of pleasure to guide their man.

NB: Sex to a woman is like preparing a delicious meal. She takes her time.