Over the past month, articles about spousal abuse have been daunting and frightening. If it is not the UK, its Nigeria. Of recent a young man killed his wife and buried her in their apartment. His CV; he was jobless, a cheat(er) and also a wife beater. Women I spoke to complained and said why do women marry “sef”(a local way of sighing)? The overwhelming answer I got from them was because of biological clock. So what happened to love(another story for another day).

This biological clock according to a CBS news report it is about women who want to marry before it is too late to give birth. For Nigerian women it is about getting married before you are 30, to have your kids and then be free to live your life on your own terms by 35. A lot of these women are really disturbed about this fact that from age 28 its no longer a simple matter, getting the right mate or partner. It becomes humiliating just waiting for suitors to come your way as you are no longer the centre of attraction (so they said).

What was stunning to me was how these married women sighed, saying its better to even stay alone without all hustle of marriage. The picture of bliss they had about marriage isn’t without mud slides. Their stance? Its better to be a single mother and have “Kitkat” partners. One of them even muttered, “this biological clock has to stop ticking”.
Time, take your time oh!