After learning about the many benefits of breastfeeding to both mother and child , we would like to give you simple tips on how to breast feed effectively ,some new mothers discover they haven’t been nursing the right way and no one has taught them what to do .Please read and learn about how to effectively nurse your child

Because you are nursing your baby doesn’t mean there aren’t preparations to be made before you nurse your child , just as you would make preparations while using a bottle so it is with breast feeding . Here are a few tips on preparation before feeding:

Be comfortable and set up a feeding area that is convenient and comfortable for you and the baby .

Make sure your hands are clean by washing before feeding .

Arrange any items you might require for the baby during feeding such as a nursing pillow, some wet wipes and a burp cloth.

Keep things close by , once you start to nurse a baby there is no excuse for getting up . So keep all the things you might require nearby such as some reading material like a magazine or a book, mobile phone , water or a drink and some snacks to nibble on .

According to the American Pregnancy Association ( APA) The most important part of successful breastfeeding is the latch . If your baby is not properly attached on to your breast during feedings it could be painful ,you have to keep at it till you get a hang of it.


Make sure you are sitting upright and not slouching .


Make sure your baby is positioned properly using any of the feeding techniques such as the cradle hold , cross cradle hold , football , frontal sitting hold or lying down hold .

The baby should be reaching for the breast , not the mother trying to push the breast into the mouth.

The baby’s mouth should cover all of your nipple and the areola .

The nipple should be pointed towards baby’s upper lip or nostril .

If your baby doesn’t open up the mouth for feeding , express some milk on your finger and put on the lips .

You will know if your baby is properly latched on the moment you start to feel your breast pulled deeper into the mouth .

You can hear your baby swallowing if properly latched onto the breast .

If you feel pain after a few feedings, it means your baby is not properly latched, you have to keep trying at it.

When your baby is distressed during feeding, it means he or she is not latched on correctly.

If after feeding your baby sleeps off, sighs , is relaxed , lets the breast fall out of the mouth , it means you have successfully breastfed your baby .

Resource: Breastfeeding Inc & American Pregnancy Association