‘How I wish you could experience pregnancy’, sounds like one of many statements directed towards men by pregnant women .Many at times, this is uttered out of sheer frustration when it seems like the man is unable to come to terms with what one is experiencing as an expectant mother .During this period , the man is left feeling helpless and unable to comprehend the gravity of the changes taking place in the woman’ body. For any man, this is one of the best times to step up to the plate and support  your partner emotionally,  letting her know she can count on you to be there for her as her body experiences the many changes in the months to come . Being supportive doesn’t mean financial support , but in the various ways  outlined below:

Be patient and understanding, you may not be able to comprehend the changes over the months but you can support her by constantly reassuring her of your love and commitment.

Accompany her to a scheduled doctor’s appointment, this is one of the ways   you are able to share the experience and be better informed about what to expect during every stage of the pregnancy. It also reinforces your commitment to both the woman and the unborn child.

Reading can be very helpful, there are countless pregnancy materials and resources you can read  to help you better understand what your partner is going through, it will also keep you one step ahead in understanding all the changes happening in both your lives.

Help around the house with household chores like cooking, cleaning and running errands will help to ease off a lot of built up tension for your partner.

Allow her enjoy some down time, either by arranging for a trip with friends to a spa or a beauty parlor. Compliment her regularly to love her new body and to  feel good about herself.

Change your habits to suit hers, you can start by eating healthy or exercising regularly there by encouraging her to take on a healthy and fit lifestyle  .

Surprise her! This may seem like nothing, but get her something to help cope with her pregnancy or something as simple as a favorite food she’s been hankering for.

Be her personal masseuse; be ready for frequent requests for a foot rub or   massage for her aching joints, back and waist.

Be observant and sensitive, as the months progress you will begin to notice a change in her body as a result of the growing foetus like weight gain and stretch marks  or even changes in her eating habit.

Rid your home of certain items that may be irritable to her , let her home be her safe and comfort zone.