Setting up a baby nursery is one of the things that ought to be on your checklist just before your baby arrives, except you do not have a spare room to convert to a nursery , but even then the items listed here are essentials to making sure everything is well organized before you bring your baby home .


Your precious bundle of joy needs a place to sleep that’s if you are not co-sleeping with your baby. Choosing a crib is quite easy, you can make one to suit your taste or buy from any baby store. Since your baby will be spending most of the time sleeping, it is advisable to try and get the most comfortable and practical place to lay your child .It may even be economical to get a convertible crib, as your child grows it can be converted to a bed. You also have the option of using a bassinet or a moses basket, depending on what catches your fancy.


This is definitely a necessity, because you need a well organized convenient and raised platform to change your baby ,keeping everything within your reach such as diapers, baby lotions and creams, powder, wipes and any other essentials for changing .you don’t want to keep running from one end of the room to get items while changing your baby , everything is in one place . It could be in the form of a designated diaper table or a combined diaper table and dresser, the advantage with the combined diaper table and dresser is that it is multifunctional, so that even after your baby has grown you can convert the top to display books and pictures.


It is important that when breastfeeding your are comfortable and not putting undue strain on your back, getting a nursing chair or gilder will help you sit upright . You will need this back support as you feed and cuddle up to your child. You can simply buy one or convert a chair in the house with good arm and back support , you can also set up a side stool to rest your feet ,keep handy stuff for night time feeding like wipes , burping cloth ,essentials for the mum like water, snacks and books to help kill time while looking after the little one.


Since you will need a place to store all the baby clothes and their toys so everything is accessible , you can use a chest of drawers ,storage boxes or a wardrobe if one is available .


You want to make sure the floor is properly covered in preparation for when your baby starts to crawl, you can go for full coverage of your floor by using a carpet a floor mat or using a rug.


Your baby is not bothered about the effect of light on them but a night light is useful to keep a soothing effect in the room and help the mother see her way around when she wakes up for nightly feedings .


If you are not planning on sharing a room with your newborn, this is quite handy; you will be able to monitor your child at every time of the day. The monitor comes in a pair and you can set up the transmitter in your child’s bedroom, while the relay is mobile, you can go about your chores around the house without constantly checking up on your child. Every sound is transmitted from the room and you will be able to listen to any sound emanating from their room. It has gotten so advanced that there are even monitors with video capabilities, where you get to watch a live feed from the room.