Family Entertainment – Kids’ Books by Ifeoma Onyefulu


Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body_____ Joseph Addison

I remember falling in love with books at a very young age. There was always something magical about being able to visualize scenes in your head. Our Author of choice IFEOMA ONYEFULU vividly brings to life traditional life scenes while being educative as well. Here are a few of her books which are sure to encourage in our little ones a definite love of books and learning


IFE’S FIRST HAIRCUT: this book demonstrates children’s milestones, both universal and personal. It invites readers into a typical Nigerian home as the family plans for and then celebrates toddler Ife’s first haircut. It is simply told and very photographic so that the pictures even tell the whole story themselves.



Still on first experiences, this is the story of four year old Vicky, who lives in Nigeria and is feeling listless. She won’t eat and has a fever and needs to go to the doctor. So her mother gets Vicky ready to see the doctor. Once again, Full-colour photos on every page make readers feel that they are right there with Vicky as she goes through her day, finally feeling better and playing with her friends. This comforting look at a common experience is easy enough for beginning readers



This book, rather than being a book about Africa, Ghana, or teaching diversity it is a book that depicts the relatively mundane everyday experiences of a young Ghanaian girl. Grandma wears more traditional clothes and shows her how to put them on. In this book, you very much get the sense of a grandmother passing on the family tradition and lore.




This story follows emeka through the market as he looks for a gift for his grandmother who he is going to visit in the next village. Stunningly photographed, this is a counting book, full of information about African life while teaching youngsters how to count. After looking at the pictures of village life, my toddler wrapped himself in brightly-colored African fabrics and danced around shaking an imaginary shaker – just like he saw in Emeka’s Gift




Chidi has a favorite color, blue. He says it is the best color in the world. His sister, Nneka, decides to teach him about other colors seen in their village. A well written book with beautiful, vivid photography that really captures many of the aspects of traditional life. You’ll just love this book of colours which is a personal favorite.  It is also a great introduction to the one of our nation’s cultures and a source of pride for all Igbo people.




Why won’t Adaora eat her slice of paw-paw? She says she doesn’t want to spoil the star shape in the middle – so her cousin Ugo offers to find her a triangle instead. They discover all kinds of shapes as they walk through the village and just when Adaora is too tired to look any more, they find a triangle this book is a great introduction to shapes, African style, with warm words and photographs offering a colourful glimpse into Nigerian village life. A rich, warm book of photographs that explores the diversity of Nigerian village life by highlighting African traditions, food and social life while pursuing the maths scene.


Lanre and the Queen of the Stream by Tunde Lawal-Solarin