He got home from work, after a welcome hug and the usual kiss, he says ‘what’s up’? Just as I was about to give him the ‘gist’ about my day, he cuts me mid-sentence and asks ‘what’s for dinner?’ – first offence, I no vex

I rushed into the kitchen to dish his meal and serve him. After the meal, I decided to cuddle up and spend some time with him. I then asked, so how was your own day? And he answers with a simple word ‘’Fine’’. Then there was silence. Just Fine? I said. 
I was expecting details, details, detail. But all I got was ‘fine’. Somedays, I am lucky he talks about his day, some other times well, not much.

Have you ever wondered why your husband doesn’t talk much?

Well, it is said that Men speak in short phrases with little or no details, whereas women speak in paragraphs, giving lots of story-like details. Men want and need the “bottom line” first, while women want and need details, details, details.

It is estimated that on average men speak 12,500 words in a day while women speak almost 25,500 a day. So when your husband spends the whole day at work using up 12,495 words, he comes home with only five words left! When he arrives home from work he says, “What’s for dinner?” (that’s three) and if you are lucky “Good night” (that’s five!).

Men communicate to report facts, while women communicate to build rapport.

So the next time you start feeling like “he never tells me anything” remember that he has used up almost all his words at work and has managed to reserve the last 5 for you.