So you are married and have a kid or two or three. It seems your husband does not understand you anymore. And your discussions are like one- way traffic. It’s business, one friend’s success or politics, money, cars and the ultimate women.

Women, is he crazy? Does he not realise that you are his wife? And talking about curves and stuff makes you insecure, like you are no longer fresh.


YES, but that’s the way he sees you, STALE.


I have just asked a lady to tell me what they as a couple would be discussing at 60yrs old when the kids have gone. No comment, exactly my point.

How does a man want his wife to see herself? Here are my views and they are top secret


  1. The prostitute: ever wonder why a man watches pornography, it’s because he cannot see his wife talking dirty to him (a man’s fantasy).
  2. The girlfriend: a pal, one who is adventurous. Like a bottle of Vodka or Beer, you talk to it and it just listens. You can open and close whenever you like(you know what I mean)
  3. A wife: this is what culturally have been taught well
  4. A friend: he liked this side of you when you were dating and probably tries to find this angle of you even till today (Does he complain that you don’t support him?)
  5. Mother: When the chips are down, he runs back home for breastfeeding.

And you want all these, in one woman you might a say? 

You call it multiple personality but men call it Multitasking.

Life is easy