Knackered mums and the crazy things they do!

As a new mum, you experience a tiredness like you’ve never known before. And it makes you do some P.R.E.T.T.Y. crazy things.

Here are some of the daftest things ‘mombies’ do when they’re completely and utterly knackered.

  1. You put your baby’s nappy on back to front.
  2. You put things back in odd places and find your phone in the freezer and the milk in the oven.
  3. You try to open your front door by pressing the button on the car key fob.
  4. You suffer from Mumnesia – when you walk into a room and then stand there wondering what on earth it was you came in for.
  5. You forget your bank PIN number even though you have used it every week for years.
  6. You knock over and spill your cup of tea and start sobbing like a baby.
  7. You head out in your slippers or in two odd shoes.
  8. You put a dirty nappy in the washing machine instead of the bin (you pay for this one later once it has been through the cycle!).
  9. You frantically search for your mobile phone then realise you are actually talking on it.
  10. You search for your glasses then realise you are wearing them.
  11. 11. You fall asleep while sitting on the loo.

We asked a few mums to complete the sentence ‘You know you’re tired when…’

Here are some of the craziest things they have done.


…when you attempt to “burp” your husband when he coughs. Yes, he thought I was nuts – Damilola

….You constantly have bruises on the inside bit of your elbows, from walking into door handles, OUCH!!! – Anne

….When your child is eating crayons and drawing on walls and all you can think is well at least she’s quiet! –               Blessing

….You sit down with what you think is a lovely cup of coffee only to find yourself sipping a hot cup of Bisto –             Juanita

….You brush your teeth with Bepanthan instead of toothpaste – took about 2 days to get rid of the film in my             mouth – Mabel

….I put my baby in the bath and she sat there for about 5 minutes before I realised she still had her nappy on!  –             Rita

….When you call your dog back by using your son’s name and then get annoyed because the dog is ‘ignoring’             you. – Vicky

….Your baby wakes up at daft o’clock and you don’t check the actual time only realising its 3am after you have            given your now wide awake toddler breakfast and getting them dressed – Rebecca

….you have to repeat the last 10 minutes of a programme 5 times or more cos you keep falling asleep and              missing it