It has always been a bone of contention as to what age is reasonable to introduce a child to the potty. Potty training for many mothers means it can begin anytime from 18 – 24 months, while for some why wait when you can start from as early as 12 months and get it over and done with.

Your child is ready for the potty when he or she begins to have fewer wet diapers.

When the child begins to show signs of discomfort while wearing diapers.

Child can tell you when he or she is peeing or pooping.

However, not all children immediately warm up to the idea of using a strange looking object to relieve themselves, after all the diaper is what he or she has always known to do the dirty business .

Before you begin this process. Please note that it is not as stressful as it seems, you can successfully potty train a child within a week.

Start by planning ahead, dedicate a few days to it, if you are a working mum ,that would be a good time to take some time off work.

By the first attempt the child might resist using the potty, but once you try the first time other attempts will be much easier and the child will begin to warm up to the idea .

Emotions will run high, both mother and child will get frustrated during this period. Exercise some patience, nothing good ever came easy .

You will need to keep a lot of cleaning materials such as paper towels around, as these will come in handy for the many cleanups . Remove all carpets and floor coverings for easier cleaning.

To make the process easier, get your child to wear training pants and gradually progress to wearing normal cotton pants instead of diapers .

Decide between using a potty or a toilet training seat,there are a wide range of designs to choose from, pick something that spells fun for your child and will encourage him or her to use it regularly .

Introduce instructional videos, there are a lot of videos tailored made for children , using cartoon characters children can relate to. You can start by letting your child watch this before you introduce the potty to him or her , so it does not look strange .

You can also introduce a reward system by using a potty chart to record your child’s progress .Your child gets a star or a sticker every time he or she successfully uses the potty . The child will be encouraged to use the potty more often .


It is believed that girls learn faster than boys,so be patient. there are urinals for boys which can be attached to the side of the toilet . For this ,daddy has to be on hand to help, by watching and observing daddy use the toilet, it becomes easier to imitate what daddy is doing.


Consistency is key, do not throw in the towel at the slightest
sign of regression , remember you have a set goal to achieve and that is for your child to stop wearing diapers and start using the potty.