W + M = L+ K (AY ) * fa/pa = LE

W= woman

M= man

L= love
K= kids
A= aging
Y= yelling
fa= funds available
pa= personal aspirations
LE= life expectancy …………

Most of us are aware that you would require counselling before you get married(especially for Christian marriages). Wouldn’t it have been easy if we were first given a mathematical equation like the above to solve at the beginning of the classes?


I sure do think, it would have helped me.

I am going to appeal to my feminine side and write extensively about this.


To solve this equation you must look at all the variables involved. Most of the time in our bid to marry, we lose out some certain facts of life. Nobody tells men or women about when kids(K) come, that you start to age(A) faster(so those comments like ‘’my cute baby is now 1,2.3,4 yrs old”……. actually adds to your own age). For women, yelling becomes a controlling tool but they also don’t realise they begin to snag and nag(Daddy is always the cool guy with kids but does not want “iyawo’s wahala”).

By the way As K increases the variables AY also increases .


Now, there is the bit of money or funds available(fa). Yes we hear it over and over again that money is important but what they didn’t tell us was how extremely important it is. The Man bears the brunt of this, as he tries to balance the weight of taking care of his family and fulfilling his ambitious monetary goals(personal aspirations, pa). The mums are not left out , intuitively they want to help(except if the man is stingy, lol) and so there is a great deal to pursue personal aspiration to bring the bucks in.  But what they don’t both realise is that Love (L, that results in K) receives less attention making it less than the energy spent on fa and pa thereby reducing Life expectancy, LE.


Phew!  Now that I have sounded “masculinely” feminine. To solve the equation, an invisible variable must be in included, U , understanding.

Therefore if U= P + AC- F



U= Understanding

P= Patience

A=Attention for women

C= Co-operation between M and W

F= Fight

LL= Long life


And don’t forget about prayer.