Have you ever cheated on your wife? I have………….silence…………..

By having a girl child.   What is the bond between men and their daughters asked my better half, after scolding her for spanking my princess. She was furious because I had actually asked her to apologise to her daughter after justifying punishing her. My grouse because I was at home that day and did not want her touched (except first consulting with me).


Anyway back to the question what makes a man go soft for his daughter?
Many young fathers’ I have spoken to about this, say, daughters give undivided attention and know how to ask the ultimate questions like;
Do you want to watch football again?
Daddy have you finished your food? (With intention to pack the plate)
Are you tired? Want to sleep? (Knowing when you keep quiet it means you need space)

Definitely a guys’ vocab. Little wonder men would not want to go shopping with their wives but would reward daughters with such errands for the questions above.

So how do you find a solution to this other woman in your man’s life?
Pinch her when he is not looking

Life is easy