Remember when you first hooked up with your spouse? I bet it was a romantic moment. Eyes locked on each other,he smiled at you, you blushed bla, bla, bla – you wanted to find out everything about them, spend all your time with them, couldn’t keep your hands of each other, and were probably full of ideas of great things to do together. But after being together for a long while, I can bet things have fizzled out compared to the beginning.

So what happened?? What or rather (who) killed romance?

Suspect 1 – OVERFAMILIARITY- Does that word even exist? Well, I guess so. You already know everything about each other so no need to ask anymore questions. No more – how was you day. No more tell me about your dreams. No more thank you for the meal(afterall its her job), no more thank you for the housekeeping money (its his responsibility anyway) and the list goes on. Simple advice: stop taking each other for granted, it kills the romance

Meet Suspect 2 – THE ONCE GOOD LOOKS – Ok, tell me. Men, so what happened to that sweet smelling perfume you used to have on you while we were dating? Women, Why do you no longer make your hair every week like before? Men, I used to love kissing your shaved beards, now the shave bumps and grisly beards wont let me. Keep up with the beer drinking and people will start asking us if we are both pregnant


Simply put, all the effort into your appearance and hygiene, that thing that made you both fall hopelessly in love with each other – now all gone – poof. Well done.

Meet Suspect 3 – THE CHILDREN – poor innocent ones have to take this blame. After sleepless nights and being daily covered up with poop and wee, you no longer see yourselves as partners but as children-bringing-up team. This is an unavoidable suspect, but you can both come to an understanding not to take any argument or fight to heart. When you find time, dump the kids with relatives for a while and go do something fun together. Deal?

Suspect 4 – DO ME I DO YOU – He did that, so I will do this. “Why does she always do that? Well, I’m not going to say anything about how it upsets me, but I am gonna stop doing that other thing, just to even things up. Then if she says anything, I am gonna explode at her out of nowhere cos of all this pent up resentment. And I’ll just start being indifferent about any conversation she starts because I’m mad about this thing that I’m not gonna talk to her about. That is how you keep the romance alive buddy. Great job at killing your romance.

Suspect 5 – TECHNOLOGY – BB? iphone? whatsapp? computers? Well I rest my case with this picture.

If you recognise these suspects please arrest them immediately. Enjoy your day.