Way to go Mum, one more month to go before we hit the big 1!

Looking back at the past months, so much has changed, there have been many milestones reached by your child, because of the rapid developmental changes, you will discover you now have your hands full running after your very mobile little one.

For babies who are yet to walk, be on the lookout you just might sight your baby trying to walk by holding on to furniture, before you know it steps will be taken without any support.
Do not be surprised if you see your child walking on his or her toes, it’s absolutely nothing to worry about, and that might be a future ballerina in the making.

Remember to put all necessary safety precautions in place, like putting up a safety gate at the top and bottom of the stairs, locks on drawers and cupboards, keep medicines away from the reach of the child.

Use plug protectors for any unused electrical outlets and lastly keep all cleaning materials away from their reach.

Your baby will be able to ask for things by calling them by name which you may not understand or identify objects by pointing at them.

Expect your child to figure out sorting and arranging of toys or objects continuously, stacking and re-stacking or even arranging things according to size and colors.

Your baby’s sense of taste has developed and your baby will become adventurous by trying out new foods with different flavors .Some children might resist the introduction of a new food, never force them but with time and gentle persistence they will yield.

As they develop physically, so does their psyche their emotions will grow and they will begin to mature into their different personalities.

You can differentiate between what your child likes or dislikes. What makes him or her happy or sad, all of this can be seen through temper tantrums which will often times be used to blackmail you into giving into their demands.


Your baby’s speech is getting better by the day, your baby is able to call objects by name, introduce new items daily and explain what it means.

Because your baby is now mobile either by crawling or walking, he or she is seeing a side to their environment they never knew existed, so encourage them as they explore their surroundings, as it is also a learning process as well.

A scheduled developmental checkup might take place anytime from the 10th month to assess your baby’s growth pattern, be sure to voice any concerns to the doctor.