Hip Hip Hurray !!!

It’s been a long journey but we are finally here, celebrating the first year of your baby’s life. It has not been easy but you made it!


Only a few months ago, you were anxious and anticipating the birth of your child and now you are part of the success story.


It has been a learning process filled with tears laughter, frustration, mistakes and more mistakes, but you are here celebrating your achievement and the progress of your 1 year old.

Across the months, your baby has steadily grown, this month Is not any different, by the end of this month, you will definitely be trying to keep up with the progress of your baby as the growth pattern is very fast.


Your baby should be responding to his or her name when called.

Navigate from one end of the room to the other either by walking or crawling.


Eating habit changes, as you can now introduce a wide range of foods with different textures. You don’t have to worry about making baby’s food separate from the family pot.

Hand to eye coordination is on point, baby should be able to move objects from one hand to the other, throw, pass or even juggle.

Recognize familiar faces and may even call them by name.

Babble or make very audible sounds, in some cases be able to clearly say some words.

Baby should be seating unaided by the first year.

For women who want to introduce formula this is a good time to start.

From now on, be careful with the things you do in front of your child because , he or she will begin to imitate them .

Transition from bottle to sippy cups should be encouraged.

Is curious about things around and will explore by banging and throwing.

Tantrums begin to increase due to the need for attention .

Cries when either mother or father exit the room,displaying signs of separation anxiety .

Be able to feed his or herself finger foods.
Might become choosy towards a care giver, may prefer mother over father or vice versa.

So what will you be doing after this? Off to planning a birthday we suppose.