Be prepared….

Every morning, I listen to the news so I can hear the weather report. To know if it will rain, if sun will shine etc. The purpose is so that I can be prepared for the day. It may not be accurate but it will be close enough. Dress light if too hot, carry umbrella if it will rain, know whether to drive or just take the bus. Bottom line. To prepare.

Now, If you heard in the news that boko haram would attack a school around your area and kidnap children –  would you dress your child up as usual and send him/her off to school and say, if you hear gunshot just run for cover.  Ofcourse not. You would take precautions and maybe ask your child to sit at home for a week. If you heard there would be an accident on the road, you would take precautions and take an alternative route. When we talk about AS and SS children, we take precaution and avoid any partner that will give us SS children. In life when we get the warning signs we always (well almost always) prepare for it.

Unfortunately, when it comes to our personal relationships especially marriage most of us don’t prepare. We hear the devil is out to attack, steal, kill and destroy our marriages but we just ignore the threat and carry on with our lives. We see the statistics about divorce everywhere. We hear stories from our friends all the time. Yet, many of us ignore these warnings and still don’t prepare enough for marriage. Many of us do not take precautions before and even after marriage. We just wait until we are under attack and then we start crying Lord, lord why me????
As with everything, we should prepare. Let’s not just walk into it with only our emotions as weapon. Emotions, like a dull knife will fail you. Imagine using a dull knife to cut meat. Exactly. Enter with your full armour. Prepare for the unexpected. If the Love does not work, patience will work. If patience does not work, perseverance will. If perseverance does not work, prayer will. Whatever happens don’t go in empty handed.
Single people may think they are the most miserable people on earth, but wait till  you marry the wrong person and misery will be your full name. BE PREPARED – marry a compatible person.
You think talking is easy, wait till you have an issue that you want to discuss with your spouse reasonably and they refuse to be reasonable. BE PREPARED – be the listener.
Like my mother will say – love will take you in, but common sense will keep you there. BE PREPARED – common sense is not that common.
Dead people don’t smell roses. Do things while they are alive. Do things while your marriage is alive and still has hope. Don’t wait to be divorced before your name becomes ‘had I known I would have done….’ BE PREPARED – work on it now rather than later when it becomes late.
I can’t stress this enough. BE PREPARED. BE PREPARED. BE PREPARED. (that should be enough for now)

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