Being a housewife


A few years ago before I had my children, I swore I would never be a housewife who will stay at home to look after the kids. This decision was purely because of ‘woman right’. Mehn, I have to work o. Stay at home ke, no man must tie my destiny down. Plus, I wanted to “contribute” to the household like an equal member of society and have mouth in the decision making too. (Since obviously, the only way to contribute and have mouth to make decision for the family is money. Fa fa fa fowl… Big lie) . Well, fast forward to now. I have my children, I still will never be a housewife but not because of women right o, but because IT IS TOOOO DAMN HARD. Phew!!

I never knew how hard it would be staying at home to watch the kids. I mean you see people around ‘lounging’ and having a good time while their kids run around and you are like – ”lazy woman, she won’t go to work – how hard can it possibly be”. My dear e hard ooo. Infact going to office work is like going on holiday. I’ve done both the working mum thing and the stay at home mum thing and I will tell you this: working is way easier but being a stay at home mum can be more fun sha but……

There is the cleaning, washing, cooking food (its like the cooking just never ends). My mum even complained one time that everytime she called me I was in the kitchen. LOL. I used to dream of when my children start school so I could have more time for myself. For where? There was just no time. The work was never finished. The dirty clothes never finished. The dirty plates always found a way to appear on the sink. The cooking just had to be done. Ahhh, if not for ekaeete…na asylum be that o.

If the kids are still very young like babies, its even more hardwork because you are exhausted all the time and if nursing – whether breast feeding or bottle feeding, you are literally tied to your baby for at least 10 hours a day feeding. And God help you if you gave 9 months spacing between your children, you will have one tied to your breast while running after the other toddler to come down from the kitchen table. During those days I just couldn’t wait until I could go to the bathroom without having a conversation with a little person on the other side of the door. They were tied to you ALL day. I used to tell people that I would have been a fantastic stay at home mum/housewife as long as my children were in daycare away from home! But I’m sure that’s now how it works…

OK. I am probably blowing this a little out of proportion. I love my kids more than anything in the whole world but still I need to pay my respect to the mums (and dads) out there who do this every day. It is damn hard work and it is “contributing to society” whether anyone sees it that way or not. You are doing a great job and I can happily say that to you while I enjoy my ”holiday away” from changing nappies, feeding etc at my office work.

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