Body Odour. Beware!!


Lets take a moment and discuss a problem that affects a lot of women, but is often stigmatized- body odor.

Body odor could be caused when the sweat from our bodies mixes with bacteria. This causes our bodies to emit an awful and unpleasant smell. The bacteria on our bodies break down our sweat into acids which gives the terrible smell. The bacteria are normally invisible to the body and thrive and grow in the sweat causing the smell. The smell is the anaerobic type of bacteria acting on the sweat which only makes it worse.

The smell is also caused by the chemical imbalances in the metabolism of our bodies. Sweaty palms and bodies also produce body odor. Body odor turns off most people. It can lead to embarrassing situations when meeting people and you have body odor. First impressions always count when meeting people whether in the work place or as we go about our daily lives.

How to get rid of Body Odor

The most important thing to do is to get to the root of cause of the odor for the purpose of treating it once and for all. The body odor comes from the perspiration and bacteria there-fore it is necessary to fight the bacteria to fight the body odor.

Constipation might be caused by the body metabolism and difficulty in passing bowels regularly. It is important to control the basic functions of our body first and this in turn will deal with the problem in its entirety.

  • A kidney infection can cause the hormonal imbalance.
  • Bad hygiene, not taking a regular bath and washing of underarms.
  • Smoking which cause bad breath.
  • Eating spicy foods.
  • People who are obese should take more precaution as they tend to sweat more than average.

Bathing daily with soap, washing underarms with hydrogen peroxide solution and maintaining a clean body.

Wearing light cotton clothes during hot weather which tend to absorb sweat. Change clothes, underwear and socks daily during hot weather. Avoid clothes made of synthetic materials that tend to lock the sweat on to the skin thus creating body odor.

The use of perfumes and deodorants may solve the problem temporarily it is more important to solve the root of the cause of the odor. Use of body products that are aluminum based as these fight the body odor better.

Avoiding spicy food with garlic onions and cumin will lead to fresh breath. In general keep clean, watch your diet, drink plenty of water and wear the right clothes and you will be able to get rid of body odor.

Also, many women notice extra body odor while they are menstruating. This is normal.  Menstruation, especially when combined with stress, can be a cause of body odor in women. If you notice that you only have body odor at ‘that time of the month’, consider spending a bit more time on hygiene when your period arrives.

Do not use perfumes during your period. It only covers up the odors and sometimes mixes with the odors to create a new unpleasant smell. Instead, use a talcum powder with a light fragrance. The talc in the powder will absorb any wetness on your body eliminating the odor.
– carry extra panties and sanitary towel around to change as frequently as possible
– Most importantly take a shower at least twice a day during the time of the month.

Our period should be a gift and not a curse. We should be proud of it without feeling any form of shame or low self esteem.

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