Bursting the MORE factor


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How’s your ride into the new year coming?


I know it’s about that time of the year where the most resounding subject matters in the media, the papers and word of mouth are “Goal setting”, “Resolutions”, “Affirmations” and so on. If you’re like me who would sometimes sit back, take a deep breath and wonder: “we do this at the beginning of every year only to diminish in enthusiasm and strength mid-way into the year” and you’re thinking what’s the way forward, then, let’s have this quick chat.


In all of these mutual ups and downs, there’s something that’s changing the narrative for me this year and I’d be sharing them with you this month.


If you’ve ever wondered why you had certain exciting goals years back but they never came to fruition, the ‘MORE FACTOR’ could be the unseen enemy we need to fight off. It’s amazing to say: “I want to read more or lose more weight in 2021” but building our goals on the foundations of more leave us stuck midway because more is not SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, REALSITIC AND TIME-BOUND. Rather than say: “I’d read more in 2021” how about we say: “I’d read 1 book per month in 2021”. That’s more specific and measurable.

In the spirit of helping one another score goals this year, we have created a very simple template that’d help you with specific planning and growth tracking this year. It is FREE!

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