..but his name was Uncle


…But Uncle was her friend.

Mr George was her friend, she was just 10….he was also her mother’s brother, her uncle he had been living with them for as long as she could remember. Uncle George was young,strong, confident, very good looking, a player,he had alot of girlfriends. He was also her best friend, he took her everywhere , showered her with gifts, nobody could lay a hand on her for fear of Uncle George. He’d often take her out to visit his girlfriends or to buy clothes..anything to put a smile on her face. She trusted him, Uncle will never let anything happen to me she thought…Uncle loves me. Uncle is my best friend. She loved him so much.

One day, Uncle introduced something else into their perfect relationship. He led her upstairs to her room, while her brothers argued downstairs engrossed in a video game they were playing, oblivious of what was happening or was going to happen. He told her to sit down and then he locked the door.

She had no idea what was going on, maybe uncle just wanted them to stay here…maybe he just wanted to do all those silly faces and tell all those stories that made her laugh. Uncle told her to lie on the bed, its Uncle so she did, she had no idea what was happening…maybe Uncle wanted to play a game.
Uncle put his hand up her skirt, she didn’t know what/how to feel. He was her Uncle, her bestfriend, this is probably okay, she was 10,what did she know, he would never hurt her, she didn’t know. This was Uncle

He touched her in places no one else had ever touched….he put his mouth all over her body… but this is Uncle…Uncle cant hurt me. He gave her a jar of Vaseline and told her to rub it all over his privates. ..but this is Uncle my bestfriend…. she had no idea what she was doing….how it would affect her for the rest of her life…. right then and there she was just doing everything to please Uncle. Uncle did alot of things to please her before, he bought her things, took her out…now she’s doing something for Uncle. They are just playing, innocent play play

Uncle did this for the next three years until he left.
Uncle has gone..but the memories never leave. Uncle’s actions led her on a long search for love…when she was old enough to realise what uncle did she broke down. Not Uncle, not the person i loved and trusted. Uncle’s actions messed with her head, messed with her relationships, she went looking for love in all the wrong places and on all the wrong faces. Uncle made her believe sex was a way to make someone like you..but it wasn’t…so she liked all the wrong people, who treated her badly….she had such disdain for intimacy and sex….and would only do it to please a man…that’s what Uncle made her believe.

Uncle still calls her once in a while…but Uncle acts like nothing is wrong..like he didn’t do anything… like he hasn’t in some way.

How do u get over being molested/abused by the one person you loved/trusted….that one action that led to so many bad decisions,hurt,rejection,pain… Uncle was supposed to be her friend. How can a friend hurt you like that.

Culled from schoolnerd.