Children: What’s the rush?


The rate at which parents want their children to grow up is worrying.

A year old is expected to talk and walk and even not wet diapers anymore.

An 8 year old is expected to finish secondary school.

A teenager is expected to be tall slim and not make mistakes.

Meanwhile parents are no longer available to care for the needs of their children. Mothers are away at jobs that keep them busy till children have already fallen asleep before she gets home.

Nannies have taken over the role of mothers.

Fathers are nowhere to be found and no male figure in the lives of the kids.

The female children now hops onto any male who can show them little care which most often leads to terrible habits.

The boys join gangs just to belong cos the valuable advice and support from parents are missing.

Parents focus more on what is socially acceptable and not what the Holy Books says.

When they reach the finish line – what next?

Parents please stop pushing your kids away from you by being too busy to listen to them. Empathise with them. Let them feel loved. Create room for them to enable them move close to u so as to be able to confide in u. Be the best friend your son/daughter longs for. May God help us all. Amen.

shared by Taiwo Ogum

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