Common Pregnancy Concerns


You discover you are pregnant, either at the Doctor’s or after using half a dozen PT strips. Anyway, the hot and cold feeling washing over you is surreal or you are the type of Mum who is just calm.

Maybe you have a partner, so he comes home and after small talk you casually mutter to him “E don happen o” or you come up with a creative way of breaking the news. Either way, you both are excited and loving the idea of becoming a parent. You start planning for the arrival of your little one.

As you hold on to that tiny socks, a negative thought slithers into your mind. You pick up on it and start worrying. While it’s natural to worry a bit throughout your pregnancy – I mean the pregnancy journey is very unpredictable – there’s a huge chance none of that is coming your way.

So take a deep breath.

That’s it.

Now breathe out.

Not only does worrying and stressing about what might happen that might never happen harmful to you, it’s sometimes needless. Let’s take a look at what Doctors have to say about some of your worries.

Will I have a miscarriage?
Most miscarriages happen within the first few weeks of pregnancy when many women typically don’t realize they’re expecting and wouldn’t know if they did miscarry. It will simply look like period blood. Also, most pregnancies result in healthy babies actually.

It is indeed true that miscarriages can be heartbreaking but the odds of having a second miscarriage is very small and it’s often caused due to a chromosomal abnormality that prevents the fetus from developing normally, if that’s the case miscarrying is totally unavoidable. But you can lower your risk by not smoking or drinking alcohol and cutting back on your caffeine intake (not more than 200 milligrams daily).

Will my baby have a birth defect?
Calm down. The risk of your baby having any birth defect is 4 percent and that includes serious ones as well as all of the thousands of other identified abnormalities, which are mostly small and insignificant, like a problem with a toenail, or a tiny heart defect that goes away soon after birth without causing any health issues.

Be sure to take a multivitamin with folic acid before pregnancy and pop your prenatal vitamins daily to reduce the risk of brain and spinal defects according to your Doctor’s advice or recommendations.

Am I going to be fat forever?
I know, I can see your oily shiny nose and big belly from across the room so asking the question is just normal. It is true that about ¼ of Mums keep on at least some of their weight, but there are ways to lose that weight!!! Don’t groan, no one is saying you should become a gym rat. However, keeping your weight gain under 15kg during pregnancy can help you quickly shed that fat. Mums that breastfeed are also sure to naturally slim down. When your Doctor gives a go-ahead, you can include the right diet and exercise.

Also get some well-deserved sleep, not less than 5 hours. A sure-fire way of achieving that is sleeping when baby sleeps.

My morning sickness is really bad. Is my baby getting enough food?
Give your baby a little credit, s/he knows what they need and they’ll absorb all the nutrition from the foods you eat without even asking you. Do the best you can to eat well your baby is fine. If you feel really awful, you should see your Doctor though.

Am I going to be a good Mum?
The fact that you are worrying about this is a sign that you will be. It means you truly care for your little one and caring aids the fact that you will be a good Mum. One thing to note though is if you don’t feel the bond with your baby or don’t want to touch him or her even after some days, you should talk to your Doctor it might be signs of Postpartum Depression.

Will labor be too painful? Will I be able to withstand it?
First things first, a lot of women have done this before you and I hope it will comfort you to know that a number of them probably have your pain tolerance. They did it, they survived. You can too. Forget Hollywood, Nollywood and all the “woods” if you want quality information about the birthing process go for birthing classes. If you are still not at ease be rest assured that there are medical alternatives to numb the pain. All you need to do is discuss with your Doctor.

Remember there is absolutely nothing the Doctors and nurses haven’t seen before, it’s an occasional hazard and the joy of you giving birth to the baby always trumps whatever embarrassing moment you might have in the labor room. So go ahead and let the journey take its course.

All of us at MumsAloud are rooting for you!!!

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