Dear Nigerian husband


Dear Nigerian husbands,

If your woman is always arguing with you, it is because she thinks that you are a woman.” The man is the CEO of Communication in the household. Arguments mean that the communication is bad, which means that the CEO of Communication is under-qualified and will certainly have to be replaced at some point. The MAN must take responsibility for communication. If communication is not going well, if conversation is not going well, if she is not listening to you, then you need to keep quiet for a bit and listen to her. Once she feels that you are hearing her she will stop talking.

You need to understand that it is more difficult to get sex from your wife than it was to get sex from her as a girlfriend. You just have to accept that. Your wife is tired man. When you were dating, you took her to dinner. Now that you are married you want her to cook. When you were dating, kids were not in the picture. Now that you are married, she is the primary caretaker of the kids. To enable you increase the quality and quantity of your married life (especially your sex life)! Its very simple.

You have to make her feel special and loved. In the morning you have to compliment her and send her off on her day with a smile on her face. In the afternoon, you have to call her and check on her and let her know that you are looking forward to seeing her later. In the evening, greet her with that love tap, a big hug, and a kiss. Ask her how her day was. Do something around the house. Bath the kid or something. If you let your wife do all those chores after she returns from work and she doesn’t get in the bed until after nine or ten o’clock every night then she just might be too tired to have sex with you.

Its that simple.

I hope I have been able to speak for us wives and I hope you now understand from our point of view. It is not an excuse but it is a start. Thank you for listening.


Yours sincerely,

Nigerian Wives

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