Divorce – the way I thought I saw it


I often have opinions about a lot of things but when I was asked recently on my christian view of divorce, my stand was to first say God hates divorce, but is this my view?

A lot of questions come to mind about the influence of culture and its outlook on this subject. Nigerian parents (born before the 70s), would not want you to bring this subject up at all and only want you to patch things in marriage.

Yes i agree with seeking counsel in cases of infidelity or when the spark is no longer in marriage.

However, how do you deal with a case of marrying someone who had a sex change and you only found out after a while ( you would be surprised of the examples i can give). What about the case of a christian lady finding out that the husband was impotent on the wedding night ( Gosh!, tell me about it). Or what about the case of an unrepentant wife/husband beater. Also I recently considered a case of a husband who’s addiction to porn is a major sexual problem? The list goes on, from people who contacted AIDs from a partner to men who cannot satisfy their woman’s sexual needs.

Some sound silly, doesn’t it? But this is the reality of marriage today. Is my view on divorce the same way I saw it? God help me.



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