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    The state fair is in town.

    I really want to go with the kids. My toddler knows the animals now and i want him to see them in real life.

    I want the kids to play in the water foutain, get baloon animals, eat corn dogs and ice cream i might even try to win them a fish!

    Several factors determine when we go. The weather has been in the high 90’s. The fair dosent open till noon. Certain days have discounts on tickets and such.

    I planned for yesterday. It was due to been 10 degrees cooler. We would save $20 on tickets and they had a special baloon lady for that day only.

    DH (dear husband) didnt want to go. He isnt a crowd person which is yet another reason i chose a tuesday.

    So if we go today after the kids afternoon nap we will get there around 4ish right at the heat of the day, 97 degrees.

    We can cool in the water play place but red head fair skinned mom here who passed that onto the babies. Lets say we burn easy. With the heat itll be a lot harder to get around the fair.

    DH (dear husband) dosent understand planning for these things. He says we will deal with it but i know we will fight. I pretty much dont want to go now.

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    Good work, keep up.

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