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    Long story short

    I had a baby 10 weeks ago. Shes tongue and lip tied I found out at 7 weeks. We haven’t revised yet we are saving it’s over a grand for both and insurance wont cover
    At first we couldn’t get her to latch but I pumped every 3 hours. At 6 weeks we finally got her to latch but not great about two weeks ago I finally got her latching pretty amazing
    At about 6 weeks my doc put me on reglan because I had very low supply issues. Now that I’m not on it I literally cant even feed her a full ounce combined. Makes me sad
    I stopped pumping religiously once I got her latching right because she was latched at least every hour (on demand) and everyone said her latching all the time was the best thing for supply so dont worry about pumping now.. wish I never listened to that
    I stopped reglan Sunday was my last does. I’m down to pumping literal drops. And she will only breastfeed for about 2 minutes and screams. She cant get anymore out. I’m in literal tears here. She wont take a bottle…
    I started pumping religiously again today. When I’m on reglan you can hear her chugging my milk and shes so satisfied

    I’ve tried every herb known to man and everything that’s suppose to help with milk supply. Ive spent a ton of money trying stuff

    Also I have tried every herb known to man nothing seems to help. Probs because I’m so low to begin with

    My question is. Do you think if I pump religiously every 2 hours i can build this naturally? And is 10 weeks to late to get a supply going now that shes latching right?

    I’m so sad. This is my 5th baby and the one I was finally so passionate about breastfeeding and have worked so hard to be here still trying today. And she wont take a bottle it’s been a very rough couple of days

    I honestly thought I shes been latched so well for a couple weeks now my supply would stay going off the reglan. I was wrong. What am I doing wrong?? I’m in literal tears. It’s so hard because I have to siringe feed her. Shes loves nursing she hates bottles now

    Advice PLEASE

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