Have you been struggling in your marriage a lot lately?


Marriage can be hard, no matter who you are married to. It takes work and investment. What you invest is what you get.

‘I have been stinking mad at my husband this weekend and it’s been all over the little issues that have been piling up as each day goes by. So I’ve been in a crabby (or even worse) mood the last couple of days. I do NOT want to serve or forgive my husband right now’.

Have you been struggling in your marriage a lot lately? Tell me about it. I know a lot of us struggle in our marriages and sometime we just feel like screaming and finding someone we can talk to. But let me share something I came across over my period of ‘anger’. I hope this speaks to someone today.

The grass is not greener on the other side. It is only greener where you water and fertilize it
If you are going through a hard time, let me encourage you. You need to love your husband(or wife) even when they are unlovable, because God says when you love the least of these, you touch the very heart of God. So take your unlovable husband/wife out of the equation and focus on God, He will be pleased and he will honor us.

Remember, Love is not a feeling, it is keeping your vows even when you want to give up and finding the strength to endure in Jesus Christ.

Do have a lovely day and Remain Blessed.

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