He was never married till he met you, give him time.


Its 2.30am and I am listening to TD Jakes. Then BOOM! He hits me by saying that “many women are trying to make their man a girlfriend.

They want a lady in pants”. Wow! As a woman, have you stopped to ask yourself why on earth is he weird. He is a man. He is not fabricated to love the way you want, stop trying to change him but help him. We were born as providers and so our outlook is like a hunter. Brash, aggressive and rough but goal getters.

Women are so impatient to see a man grow in marriage. He was never married till he met you, give him some time to learn. And like an African adage says the longer the soap on the leaf, the leaf becomes soapy.

Woman,  encourage yourself and watch him grow. Do a stock taking today and appreciate that he has improved in some ways since you met him.


Life is easier

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