How do you handle a child who is being bullied?



Please mums advise me. My son is 2yrs old and the problem is his age mate & his juniors use to beat him & he will come to me crying. It’s always painful. Please how can i make him fight for himself since they are age mates. I don’t want to be involve in fighting for him though it really hurts seeing him crying all d time. thank you.


Best Answers:

  1. My boy is a year and one month old.I taught him forgiveness. I will tell him,if he beats you the first time,forgive,the second time,report,the third time.beat hell out of the person……..I trust him. (Desire Taiwo Sesan)
  2.  Lol. I know how you feel, because I had the same experience with my niece. Your son may outgrow it with time or just grow up to be a calm man (my niece is ten and still can’t fight back, while her younger ones are different and fight for her). You can minimise his playing with other children especially when you can’t be there to supervise them. Embrace him and reassure him of his strength each time he runs to you, shouting at him to fight back won’t help. (Blessing Fadare)
  3.  Teach your boy to never start a fight but always finish make him understand his not a lesser being because they hit him…. They hit him because he has got something that they can’t ever have and that’s respect towards they fellow human being d truth is most bullies do what they do out of envy or habit. (Debby Warrie)
  4.  I’m sorry to say this but those who are advising to fight back, did you really think before even speaking? We feel “God pack one corner first. For this matter, I sabi pass You” Whatever happened to “vengeance is mine”? What’s wrong with telling the child to forgive and avoid such a company? I’m a mother of 2 children and know how painful it can be to your children being beaten up but why make things worse? I’ll rather teach my kids to know who they’re responsible to -God (not man). Make them understand that it’s only foolish people who don’t have anything good to offer that beat others up because they can’t use their brains but fist. I won’t breed militants under my roof. I’ll train my kids to become respectable people with integrity. For goodness sake, let’s not train namas in the name of thugs. God help us (Gbubemi Nnaji)

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