How do you search for invisible items for your baby?


That moment when you baby is pointing at an ‘invisible’ something, saying ‘baba’ and you can’t figure out what it is and God help you if you don’t keep looking, they will cry and scream like their lives depended on it. Trust some naija mums to spank the child in frustration when they can’t figure out what their 11 month old is asking for. For the zealous ones like me who are trying to understand just in case of next time, we keep searching, trial and error, till we eventually figure it out – a long mangled thread used to make a hand chain with pasta – in the corner of your wardrobe. This thing? Is this what you wanted? The child smiles and says yes. You give a sigh of relief and are happy they are happy, until you sit down to rest and you hear another cry..this time asking for you to find ‘shishi’….. urghhhhhh

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