How to cook egusi soup.. (not what you think)


You know that feeling when you just want to eat good homemade food. If you are like me, you just can’t get the taste of the food off your head and then you begin¬†looking forward to it. You start writing your shopping list in advance. You go to the market, buy your ingredients. You wash the meat and boil, pluck the ugwu leaves and rinse out so you dont have sand in your soup. Then you start struggling with your pot on the fire to turn the poundo, your turning stick making a harmonious sound with your pot on fire, you are sweating but turning profusely to ensure the poundo has no lumps in it… ok let me stop there. It is making me hungry now.

So much work goes into eating good food especially if you have been dreaming of it for a while. To eat, you have to cook. To cook you have to go to the market and buy the ingredients. To buy the ingredients you need to have money. To have money you have to work to earn it. If you decide to take the easy way out and leave it for someone else to do – you still have to pay madam uduak for her effort or end up buying packaged whereby you don’t know how it is cooked, you don’t know how the water was sourced and it may have a long term effect on your health if done over a long period. Simply put, to get your final satisfaction you need to put in an effort – not just an effort – series of efforts.

In life to get anything done satisfactorily, there has to be a process of things and for this process to take place you have to be intentional. Even to get lucky to win the lottery, you still have to buy the ticket and pray that ‘e fit be you o’. Same thing with our relationships. You have to put in an effort – series of efforts to get it to where you want it. And you all know what happens after eating a good meal of poundo with fried egusi soup on a Saturday afternoon. Sleep. Peaceful satisfying sleep.

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