Marriage is beautiful If……..


After having so much trouble with her husband a woman decided she had had enough and wanted to quit. She went to the village to visit her mother to inform her of her decision. After much complaining, she told her mum how she wished she had met someone like her dad, as her dad was caring and sweet and they had such a happy marriage. The mum listened to everything she had to say, expecting her mum to start lecturing her about marriage this and marriage that. The mum told her to go rest since she had traveled a long distance. ”Go and rest my child”, she said ”tomorrow we talk”.

Next morning, when she got up she noticed her mum was up already and tidying up the house for the day. The mum said, please can you help me deliver these crates of egg to my friend on the other side of town while I prepare breakfast for your dad. The eggs are very fragile so please do be careful. The woman got dressed and carried the crates to run the errand.

Upon her return, “Well”, asked her mum, “Did you see the new bridge that was commissioned last week? Did you notice that the roads across the river has now been tarred? So you mean you also did not see the new shopping mall in the city centre?

The woman was embarrassed, and confessed that she had observed nothing. Her only concern had been not to break the eggs that the mum asked her to deliver safely.

“Then go back and observe the marvels of the town”, said her mum.

Relieved from the burden of the crates of eggs, she returned to explore the town, this time observing the newly commissioned bridge, the new tarred road across the river and the beautiful shopping mall her mum had told her about. When she returned she related in excitement everything she had seen.

“Well, there is only one piece of advice I can give you”, her mum said. “The secret to a successful marriage is to see all the beauty of the person you have married rather than focus on just one fault the person has. You focused so long on the crates of eggs I gave you that you forgot to look around and marvel at the best of what was around you.

This woman went home with her bags as a new person. Even though her husband did not change, she was able to change her perspective and pay more attention to the good things he was doing.

Marriage is beautiful when beauty is looked for and cultivated.

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