Married men who visit strip clubs: What is Normal and what isn’t?


Is it strange when a married man visits strip clubs? This is a tough question to answer and it inspires lots of debate. If a man is happy in his marriage, why does he want to go somewhere and see nude or semi-nude women dancing?

A Happy Marriage?

For many people, visiting strip clubs is the sign of an unhappy marriage. They think that there must be something wrong to make a married guy go out and watch dancers. This is a sign that he’s unhappy and that he might end up cheating.

On the other hand, lots of people see it as a form of innocent entertainment. Okay, maybe not ‘innocent,’ but perfectly alright for adults to enjoy! Guys visit these places to hang out, bond, have a guys’ night out, and so on. They’re not there to pick up women or have any kind of contact with them; they’re just indulging their guy side.

Cheating At Strip Clubs?

Folks who have never been to a club have strange ideas about what goes on there. They often don’t realize that there’s no touching allowed. Sometimes there are rumors of places running escort services, but this is never the case in any legitimate club. What goes on at a gentleman’s club is simple – dancers dance and people watch them. Everybody goes home to their wives.

My Friends Made Me Go!

One of the best excuses is that your friends make you go! If you’ve got a best friend getting married, you can’t skip his bachelor party. Lots of married men who would never head to a gentleman’s club alone get dragged along for these special events. It’s probably not a terrible experience, either. This is one of the most common reasons why married guys go.

A Little Titillation

Quite a number of married men can tell you that visiting these places has actually given their married life a boost. Many evenings of watching dancers have resulted in nights of love-making, and this is a blessing for couples who have been together for several years. It can actually have some benefits for your marriage!

To Tell Or Not To Tell

Although visiting a strip club may be innocent enough, it has caused lots of problems in relationships. This usually occurs when a married man goes to a club and tries to hide it from his wife, but she finds out. Many women don’t understand what goes on (and doesn’t go on) at a place such as this and it causes massive misunderstandings.

Let’s Talk About It

Married men should always talk to their spouses about strip clubs to see where they stand. Some women object outright and consider it cheating. Others know it’s not cheating but just think it’s gross. There are even some wives who’d be happy to accompany their husbands to the club! The important thing is to know where each other stand on the issue and talk about it early in the relationship. This will help you avoid any problems in the future.


What do you think about this? Do you think it is right for a married man to visit a strip club

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