Men!! Stop in the name of love


Women, love thy husband, kneel down and serve his food. Rub his stomach after eating ….. Ok scratch that. This post is not for women. Today we decided that maybe we can give the men some romantic idea of what they should stop doing to make their marriage work.

1. Stop acting like the battle is won in pursuing and getting to know your wife. Have fun together, just like you used to do before you placed a ring on it.

2. Stop treating your wife like her work is somehow less strenuous or less important than yours. Consider a laborers work (now multiply that by 24/7)

3. Stop coming home from work and sitting in front of the television for the night, leaving your wife to bear the responsibility for everything else going on in the home even though she sef just returned from work too.

4. Stop working so much. Find a healthy balance between work and family. Your wife would rather have you than a big house, nice car, etc. (Women, abi I lie)

5. Stop allowing the spiritual leadership of the family to default to your wife.

6. Stop saying you know and understand what your wife is saying or feeling when you haven’t even listened to what she has to say.

7. Stop acting like God and trying to control your wife. Don’t use your role as leader in the home to be an excuse for selfish behavior. Don’t forget that a true leader also serves.

8. Stop dishonoring your wife by criticizing her in front of your children or in public. You may be trying to sound funny, but your sarcasm is only cutting down your wife.

9. When you wife irritates you, don’t answer right away. Instead count to 10 and remember that she is a gift from God.

10. Stop using the sentence “I will send you packing” in your vocabulary to threaten her. Using your size and strength and anger to intimidate your wife and children is not cool.

12. Don’t purchase any major item without first discussing it with your wife. If she is a partner as you say she is then she needs to know. Show her.

13. It’s impossible not to notice beautiful women who pass by. But don’t allow your eyes to linger. (And if your wife is with you, don’t lie to her and say you didn’t see that woman. Just admit you looked.)

14. Stop thinking, I know more than my wife. You and your wife will each have more knowledge than the other in certain areas. Remember that God has given each of you a wealth of experience and information that you both need.

15. When your wife tells you about a problem she’s having, don’t immediately try to solve it. She may just need you to listen to her.

16. Where was it written that man should not enter the kitchen and cook if he comes home early before the wife? Where? Where naa? I stand to be corrected

17. Stop pointing out her mistakes and asking for explanations. Doing these things can make her feel like a failure.

18. Stop feeding your sexual desires from any source other than your wife.

19. Don’t be alone with any woman who is not your wife or related to you.

20. Make sure you go home straight after work. Don’t branch to mama nkechi’s joint or any other. You have a family who is looking forward to see you. Your wife has promised not to tie that dirty wrapper when you return (deal?)

Some will say that lists like these are “too negative”—that this is an example of “trashing” men. No am not trashing them, its just good to know that while women are learning ways to improve their marriage, the men are not left behind too. It takes two to tango. Abi how them dey talk am sef

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