Ministry of Mum


I used to love orderliness. I could win an award for making my house look like the ones in a cover magazine. I always imagine that I would be structured and disciplined and have these great routines for cleaning, and cooking, and being the perfect mum and wife. But as it turns out: I’m a mess. my life is just filled with interruptions. I can’t even complete one task without getting an interlude several times in between.

My kids succeeded in completely making me let my self-righteous guards down with their constant crying, complaining, designing their food on the table instead of eating, pulling the tissue paper out of the roll just for fun, painting my walls with crayons and ripping the thread to reveal the components in the sofa. The days I try to get up early to complete a job without interruptions – yes, there they were wide awake and waiting to start the day with you. You try to cook a quick meal because they are hungry and again there they are hanging around and you have to scream ‘please move away from the cooker it’s hot’. You try to read a book or do some work on the computer, there they are on your laps again pushing the buttons and touching the screen. You try to use the toilet in peace – (aha many of you know this bit too well) yes o, they are there again wanting to pee as well or just be in the toilet with you. Lol, these children sef. So mealtime is late. Work gets done midway or not at all and then you learn to do James Bond move when you go to the toilet or end up spending 5mins having a bath (beauty bath bye bye)

Guess what?

Jesus was interrupted too. Constantly.

He could not walk through a town without beggars calling out to him, women pulling on his garment for healing, crowds pressing in on Him, and even…little kids climbing onto his lap. But what did He do? Did He brush off their hands? Give them something to go occupy themselves with? Lock Himself in the bathroom saying, “I just need some peace!”

No. Because Jesus never saw interruptions as “interruptions.” He just saw moments. He just saw God-directed opportunities. And He just saw people. In need of love. And it seems, the moments of “interruption,” were Jesus’ deepest moments of ministry, the moment God came through. “Let the little children come,” He said. They were not keeping Jesus (the King of the World) from accomplishing some superior goal: they were the goal. They were the mission. He gave himself—freely.

I know this may sound a bit too far-fetched, but let us be like Jesus to our children. Let them experience loads of grace in our presence. Let their moment of interruption…became the moment for ministry. Ministry to their needs. Ministry to their little souls. Let us consider these temporary interruptions that keep us from our chores as our life goals. Let us be the ‘ministry of mum’.

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