Motherhood is when . . .


If anyone had told me about motherhood, I would have…. I would have….  I would have still had them.

Well, maybe just maybe if I had been told – I would have waited a little longer and not envy my friends who I thought were winning the race of motherhood already

Or maybe not.

So, here I am telling all the yet-to-be mothers (sorry mums – it might already be too late for you) what motherhood really is


Motherhood is when

  • You never get your complete 8 hours beauty sleep because you have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed or change dirty nappies
  • You get a new makeover with baby food as your compact powder and mascara
  • You get your expensive designer clothes puked on and you find yourself using your sleeves to clean a runny nose
  • You have stretch mark designs all over your belly with deflated boobs
  • You never get to watch your favorite programs anymore as you are now hooked to the cartoon network and even singing along your children’s favorite nursery rhymes
  • You spend all your pocket-money with excitement at a shop buying new clothes for your kids even though they have more than enough but feel guilty buying yourself just one outfit
  • You have to research and find answers to all the endless ‘why’ question that you will ordinarily not have been bothered about (i.e – Mummy why is the sky blue)
  • You never get to shower or use the toilet in peace
  • You spend hours preparing loads of healthy foods only to find it neatly tucked away under the living room chairs (I am so guilty of that)
  • You have a long to-do-list only to discover half way that the work is endless – aka laundry, dishes, checking body temperature e.t.c
  • You have to be a referee at a every fighting contest when your kids decide to be at each others throat
  • You get to hear the words ‘I hate you mum’ just because you tried to correct your child and show them right from wrong
  • You start wishing you could send your kids  off to a far away boarding school for one day just so you can have some breathing space and the moment they are gone, you wish you could have them back again
  • You want the kids to get older quickly so they can do things on their own, and stop bugging you but still need you.
  • You realize that your kids have a completely different life that you know nothing about. The boyfriends and girlfriends, the smoking, the gambling addiction, the parties …… fill in the gap
  • You stop talking to your friends who still like to party and start finding new friends who are mothers like you so you can share your parenting experiences.
  • You hear your child say ‘mummy can do it – my Mum can do anything ‘. Oh yeah, I MUST BE SUPERWOMAN.

And Finally Motherhood is when you start understanding your Mum and truly appreciating her.

Motherhood can be a long list of things. It is was totally unexpected for me, but it is definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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