Mum and daughter chit-chat


“what is the one piece of advice you would give to your daughter about relationships?”

I remember when my mum called me to a private conversation about boys. I was 9 for goodness sake. It must have been hard for her but I’m grateful she did. (God bless her).

I remember her words clearly.

1.  You are beautiful, and if any boy tries to woo you by telling you that. Tell them ‘thank you, that’s not news, my mother has told me’. (Chai!! A lot of boys hated me for that and considered me proud. The ones that stayed around thought I was a strong confident woman.)

2. Guard your heart- It is okay to love, be in love, however you are responsible for your own heart.  No one can break it unless you give them that much authority over your feelings.

3.  Never lose yourself – Keep doing the things you enjoy doing too. – Validate yourself. You were important before you met them and you will be important if you separate.

4. I am not complete without them – God forbid bad thing. No one can complete you, they can only compliment you as you compliment them. You were born whole and with everything you need to make it through this life.

5. Listen for the unsaid- Often you can find your answers in the things that are not said. Words are power, but silence is equally as powerful. Use your intuition to grab hold of the silence.

6. Being second best is not good enough. You are not second in anything. You are first and foremost. At the top and bottom of anyone’s list your name should always appear. Bottom-line.

7. Most importantly, always pray for God’s directions in you decision making. You may not be marrying the first person you love, but with God’s grace you will be able to take a lesson from whatever relationship you get yourself into.

So Ladies I ask ‘what is that piece of advice you will give your daughter about relationship and when will you give that special pep talk?’

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