Mums, you have what it takes to succeed


Many times we feel we don’t have what it takes to make a success of our lives, yet everyday we take on a task and work hard to succeed in it.

Now let me ask you, before you had your child did you think you would succeed? Were you not afraid when your flat stomach started expanding? Yet, you put on some courage and started to learn about your changing body, what to do, what to eat. You heard all the stories of labour, still you kept moving and even looking forward to labour. Finding out ways to force the child to come out quickly. Infact you couldn’t wait to go through labour. Did it stop you from getting pregnant again for the second and for the third child? No. You quickly forgot about all the pain and looked forward to the joy they bring. And when the child was born nko? You prepared tirelessly. Even without having a child before, you went shopping to buy everything that was needed. At times when you were not sure, you asked questions from everyone everywhere. You learnt how to handle sleepless nights, how to manage tantrums, how to pray for strength. You learnt because you wanted to. You worked hard because you could not afford to fail. You must not fail.

So again let me ask – what is holding you back from becoming a success with your life? You have proven it once before, you became an expert the second time around and by the third (if you have a third) you were a pro. So what is holding you back? Fear? It really saddens me when I see someone fall into the extremely dangerous trap of complacency, and watch them bundle up their potential and push it off to the side as life passes them by. That’s the true definition of dying at the age of 25 but not getting buried until 75.

Dear mums, after having your children and going through the rigours of motherhood without extensive preparation, you are a living proof that you can do whatever it takes if you set your mind. You are stronger than you think. You don’t need an office job to be relevant. Start that sewing class, start that bakery, start that event planning business. You can do it. Testimonies abound. Don’t stay locked up. Somebody needs what you have to offer with your talent so don’t hoard it to yourself.

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