Common Mothering Headaches: Taking Care. (Part 1)


You will wonder who ever  had a water business in the sitting room so that your Italian styled center rug has been soaked. As you get the typical “it is not me o” reply from everyone, you will almost resign to believing you must have done it. After all, psychology says humans can remember events which never happened.


You either believe you are the ‘nobody’ committing the crime of everybody or add to your mothering headaches. Before each ‘mothering day’ ends, you will wonder Why, What, How, When, Who, and Which until your head aches.  This solution oriented pieces of advice as offered  by mothers does not promise to eliminate your headaches, but relieve you of some. Mothers need a relieve, don’t we?

Pants bigger than its shirt pair?

Whether as a victim of designer’s folly or mismatched pairs, children’s clothes (boys especially) would come in uncorrelated sizes. I have bought a couple of kid’s wears and had to decide what to do with them; whine until my head aches or let him appear as a fashion jester. I always did none.


In few cases, the length can be amended to his size. Other times, I would have to pair a shirt with a jeans and keep the pants for future rocking. Many times, this has proved to be a blessing in disguise as the saved pant comes in handy just when I can’t afford to buy him a new one.


Whatever the case, a mismatched pair is not a total waste that should ache your head. Jeans,  plain vests and shirts can be paired with almost any wear without raising a fashion eyebrow.

Children won’t eat vegetables?

For several reasons which is better not inquired, your children would eat everything but vegies. It is not only the efforts put into preparation that makes you wanna screeeeeeeam, the expenses incurred is so so so..!


Before you decide to eliminate vegetables from your diet, consider these tips;


  • Cut them into tiny bits that they seem almost invisible.
  • Create an hiding for them in sandwiches and snacks. Chances are, your kids would be munching on them before they realize it.
  • Offer vegies as snacks instead of stocking up on chips, sweets and biscuits.
  • Make salad dressings with their favorite tastes and flavors; citrus, buttermilk, oil, chicken stock, cheese etc.

Fed up with his pants getting torn at the knee?

When pants get torn at the crotch, we say; “trouser is too tight” or “fabric too thin”. But when it ALWAYS tear at the knee where there is no dart and your child is not a crawling baby? You end up having headaches after you find nothing and  no one to blame.


Get some relieve: Simply create a new dart by stitching the torn parts together. If the tearing appears like a hole in a map shape, find an old cloth of same color or texture, cut out a round, square or triangular piece from it and get it sewn on the offensive tearing. Trust me! That would look more intentional than intended. Alternatively, you can buy some really cool designer badges (they are so cheap and available everywhere) and get it stitched on the spot.


Even as the stitches or covering does not guarantee the pant would not suffer another tearing, you could consider cutting off from the lower parts; making it a shorts.

Wee-wee streaming down before they could pull their pants?

‘Head achers’ are those kids who won’t heed to the urge until they can hold it no longer. If you were aware before the deed is done, it is usually, a slight headache of cleaning exercise. God save your head if you were notified by the reek of urine. Oh my God! Your headache is compounded. How long has he been ssssmelling? Was your visitor aware of the ‘scent’? Has he sat on your mattress? If you’re a Muslim mamma, you’re in greater fix.


Not to worry! Whenever you’re indoor, aside the frequent reminder, clothe them as light as possible. Eliminate the use of underwear, belts and tucked-in shirts inside the house, wear them loose fitting trousers or shorts that can be easily peeled off. You will be saving them more time and easing yourself of that headache.

Requesting for the third pencil in a week?

One boy collected my pencil.

I put it here (points to a side pocket of his school bag) and I did not see it again!


Again, your child has lost his pencil for the umpteenth time in a term. Worry less about the loss, you will be saving yourself some headache. Focus on how to encourage him to be mindful of his things. Buying him a pencil case and letting him know how much writing materials you can afford to give him in a term could be helpful. If he uses up his portion before time, let him realize the value of a lost object by delaying giving him another. Chances are that if he has to borrow, he wouldn’t be carefree with a newer item.

Fed up of the daily teeth brushing scandal?

Don’t reply your chatterbox kid until he gets his mouth brushed. A silence treatment sends better messages than scolding and arguing.

If he is a voracious breakfast consumer, insist  he brushes before eating. Stomach influence is the tactic!


Don’t worry, these headaches are not terminal diseases just as paracetamol won’t cure you of them. You won’t realize the number of headaches you have in a day until your hair starts greying at 35 and you begin to search for a phone you’re holding. Don’t panic! You will likely experience these sooner or later whether you have a child or not. It feels good to have a kid or more to put the blame on.