“ I can put up with the painful phases of prolonged labor, the nauseating  feeling of morning sickness is what I hate about pregnancy” A lady was saying as she concluded the narration on her travails and troubles with morning sickness.


 Morning sickness; a condition which usually affects more than 50 percent of women during the first trimester of pregnancy is a sickly feeling characterized by nausea and vomiting. This condition, if it becomes severe (hyperemesis gravidarum), or in few cases, lasts throughout the gestation period, may weaken the happy-lively mood of couples after conception and make pregnancy tiresome. However short or prolonged morning sickness could be, some lifestyle tips could alleviate the condition.

1. Stay Calm as the countdown begins

As the journey begins to a beautiful experience in motherhood, don’t let the nausea, salivating and vomiting rob you of the joy of growing a human inside your belly. Know that you’re not alone, share your feelings with your husband and an understanding friend or relative. Let the countdown begin as you enjoy the only stage of life when you get to house another human within you.

2. Avoid triggers and offensives

Morning sickness may not necessarily be a morning affair thing. This is why a pregnant woman’s day may be full of surprises. A wave of odor from the butcher, a moisty smell from the vegetable stall, even your partner’s perfume and roll-on could be offensive to your system. So, as you go about your normal routine, take note of these triggers and avoid them.

3. Have a Supporting Piece At Hand

It may be a hankie, tissues, shawl, toothbrush and paste etc. For pregnant women who may need to empty the liquid in their mouths, shield their nose from a fragrance or odor, clean up after a throw up, a personal piece may need to accompany her on outings.

4. Get fresh air

Many pregnant women battling morning sickness swear to how irritating the smell of their home feels to them. From the fridge to the curtains, foods, rugs, spouse’s wears and children’s shoes, everything may seem irritating. An escape every now and then may be a comfort to the over zealous nose. Treat yourself to the undiluted freshness of air from the balcony, backyards, garden and house top.

5. Lay your hands on something

A nauseous feeling all day can make everything uninteresting and the body irritable. Divert your attention from the feeling by doing something worthy like reading a book, knitting, engaging in yoga and other pregnancy friendly exercises, writing, tailoring etc. Focusing on one or more of these activities not only occupies your mind, they also make time go faster.

6. Eat little frequent meals throughout the day

As advised by doctors, the symptoms of morning sickness can be alleviated by ensuring that the stomach is neither empty nor filled to the brim. Emptiness of the stomach is usually the cause of early morning nauseous feeling. It’s advised to eat a light, dry bread, cracker or dry fruits at the very moment before rising from the bed. Throughout the day resist the urge to feed large at a go. Rather, eat little portions of foods rich in protein, munch on snacks and make it a duty to stay hydrated by taking fluids every now and then.

7. Use help, you will need it

From the doctor to your spouse, boss, friends, neighbors, and even older children, the weeks of pregnancy may be the only time everyone is on the lookout for you at the same time. Rather than deny yourself the comfort of being assisted with chores, assignments and meeting up with deadlines, use the opportunity to enjoy their kind offers and gestures. You’ll feel more relaxed, supported, lively and lovely.

8. Sleep well sleep good

Some pregnant women claim that the only time they seem to be free from morning sickness is during sleep. This is true because the nauseous feeling is the earliest greeting they receive in the morning. The condition may last throughout the day, be aroused by the flimsiest trigger or accompany them to bed. Getting a good night sleep and little naps in the day wouldn’t only be an escape from the feeling but it’s a good means of relaxing and rejuvenating the body.

9. Ginger, Honey, Lemon

Ginger tea for many is a nausea suppressing treat. Ginger and honey tea is a good remedy to the tangy after-taste of a throw up. It not only minimizes the sourness, it also settles the digestive track. The scent of lemon can also be relaxing and soothing

10. Eat that which suits your tummy.

Pregnancy is full of surprises. Don’t force a food down your digestive track simply because you’re shy of rejecting. It could upset your system and result in more shyness. If home cooked foods smells awful, order from an eatery or ask a friend to cook for you. In little or no time, you’ll be back to your old self. In the meantime, enjoy the preggy episode!