Must-Know Security And Safety Tips For Every Naija Mum

According to a research on the global gender gap report made by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Nigeria occupies the 125th position out of the 145 worst countries for women to live fulfilling lives. Other indexes aside, the spate of security of lives and properties in the country is enough to attest to the reality of the report. As mothers living in a country like ours, the security obligations are enormous as mere issues like waste disposal, gift’s acceptance, relationship with neighbors and acquaintances could put one and one’s family and properties in danger not to talk of grocery shopping, hiring domestic help, electricity, gas, dropping and picking up kids from school among others.

As a protective measure, Nigerian women are becoming the smartest  in doubling up their security tactics just as these tips suggests.

✔  Domestic helps are to be employed with caution.

Hiring domestic helps should be a last resort for Nigerian mothers. With the spate of kidnapping, child abuse, poisoning, stealing and other vices reportedly masterminded by many house-helps, it would be safer to employ caution in employing them and interacting with them. Better alternatives to relying on house-helps includes the use of household machines and technological products which have been invented to make life easier and work faster, older children should be involved in the upkeep and maintenance of the house, partners can be of help too and employing the services of temporary helps (who don’t live with the family). Of course, it pays to personally do one’s work oneself.

✔ Diapers are Very Important Packages VIPs.

Who would have thought that the smelly absorbent garment mothers can’t wait to dispose can be of interest to someone somewhere for Godknowswhat sake.! Initially, it was thought to be a rumour, but when certain individuals have been nabbed at different locations gathering loads of used baby diapers, not for recycling efforts but for diabolic instincts, mothers have learnt to modestly dispose their baby diapers.

Diapers are well wrapped, hidden in nylons and disposed in bins and garbage. The good side to this is that the streets are bereft of the offensive sight of baby diapers.

✔ Pants and undies are gold.

Of recent, the status of pants have changed from that personal piece of material which none but the owner is interested in. Pants and undies are reportedly hunted and stolen for diabolic purposes. Hence, being safe and keeping your undies yours means hanging and drying them indoors. No belonging is worth being stolen.

Diapers are well wrapped, hidden in nylons and disposed in bins and garbage. The good side to this is that the streets are bereft of the offensive sight of baby diapers.

✔ Laundry Laws.

Many Nigerian mothers especially those living in shared quarters and apartments know the laundry laws well.

1. Wash early so they could get dry before dusk. Evil acts are best perpetrated in the dark.

2. Pack in clothes as soon as they get dry. You could be saving them from people who would admire them until they can’t but ‘adopt’ them.

3. Clothes packed in late at night could harbor reptiles and insects. Rather your clothes stay on the line through the night than pack them in when there is not enough brightness to check and recheck before packing them in.

✔ School is acquainted with the Parent/Driver/Relative who would take the children home after school.

Acquainting your child’s school authorities; teacher, gateman or others with you or any other person who would be dropping off and picking up your child is as good as protecting them from kidnappers and evil minded people.

✔ No one can be so trustworthy to give your child a lift while you head back home.

As a Nigerian parent, you would have to exercise restraint and caution in accepting lifts and help from strangers, even acquaintances are not to be trusted. Never let your child be helped to school while you head back home even when the helper claims to be a staff of the school or a parent of one of the pupils.

✔ Child abuse is real = kids are not permitted to visit or stay with doubtful ‘uncles’ and ‘aunties’ in the neighborhood.

If you must leave your kids while you go out, take them to a relative who has kids too. If your outing is a daily thing, consider enrolling them in extra curricular and sporting activities like swimming classes, dance group, kung fu training etc. However, the best place for little children is wherever their mothers are.

✔ Even old men and women shouldn’t be trusted with kids.

Old relatives shouldn’t be trusted with kids not to mention old men and women in the neighborhood. Their old age does not guarantee their sainthood. Shield kids away from abuse and exploitation by not putting them in the care of others.

✔ Gifts and Consumables are not to be taken from ‘nice’ strangers.

Most parents have at one time or the other warned their children from accepting gifts from strangers. Poisoning, abuse, kidnap and other vices are the reason why accepting gifts from strangers is not a safe thing to do. Parents should always remind their kids this sacred rule.

✔ In fact, every food item collected from a friend or relative needs a go-ahead approval from mum.

This safety measure is not solely as a result of lack of trust but fear of consuming expired, unhealthy and bad foods.

✔ Ringing phones are not to be brought to Mummy while she’s in the kitchen.

Explosion resultant from phone igniting gas is best avoided when phones are banned from the kitchen and cooking area. Let children know that ringing phones are not to be brought to you while you’re in the kitchen.

✔ Drinks, snacks and processed food are to be bought and consumed with caution.

This is because many products have been counterfeited and contain harmful ingredients. Hence, we must learn to secure our health by buying right.

✔ Drugs are safest when recommended by the physician and bought at credible pharmacies.

Fake and harmful drugs abound in the markets.